To heal maximum individuals from different communities and lead them to finding their true self and happiness by promoting ones physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.


Setting up a reliable spiritual place where different energy healing modalities will be available to learn and experience and maximum people from all over the world will meditate together to bless themselves and other human beings as well as to the mother earth.

  • Are you worried about the consequences; you are going to face in the future?
  • Are the health issues killing you from inside?
  • Are there no peace, no fitness, and no comfort in your life?

About Me

My interest in alternative therapies goes back to my early twenties. Having studied with well experienced masters and grand masters, and also having deep interest in spirituality since childhood. I truly believe energy based healing technique which can bring transformation, love and balance in one’s life. It has been an exciting journey for me.

I found that all the methods including the healing sessions,attending the courses and meditations really helped me to realise where my real passion lies and I am now moving forward in that direction. I would like to help people to transform their life in the safest possible way. I am passionate about Energy Healing as well as about empowering others to gain awareness of divine energy. I would like to inspire others to find out what they might be capable of, and what hidden gifts they might have to perceive and work with energy. i believe Energy Field Healing is a wonderful way to work with the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of ourselves, because it works in complete wholeness– in line with our true, inner nature

We badly need the natural healing therapy, to re-construct our mind, body, and soul.. The approach of mine, towards healing therapies, involves caring, focus, peace, compassion, and warmth. People from different parts of the world; greatly appreciate the services offered by me.

My greatest inner gift is the ability to awaken you to your deepest inner knowing of who you were born to be and what you are here to do to inspire other and accordingly offer the following services which are accredited by international Associations.

The healing therapy is greatly maintained in a natural process. In the Energy healing technique, the natural energy force is used to heal the energy chakras in the body.

Astrology is mainly related to the prediction of fortune. With the movement of planets and stars, the fortune also changes its path. So, it is very important to consult an astrologer to understand different phases of life and how to deal with them.

Do you know that your birth date highly influences your health and prosperity status? Yes, the numerical values associated with your name and life greatly changes the condition of your lifestyle.

If you are struggling to handle your stress and worries, then walk a path towards meditation. Meditation can restore the positive feelings in your mind and ensure you an appropriate peace of living.

Well, if you are lost within the difficulties of your life, then you need to avail the Angle card reading services. The angle will help you in finding an appropriate solution with the help of fortune telling cards.